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3 months in and....

....WOW how incredible these past months have been and the experiences we have had.

I cannot quite believe we have been away from home for 3 months today. How time has flown but what an incredible adventure we have been on. And to think we still have 9 months left........ :):):)

We have seen and explored so many amazing places in the past 3 months.

From leaving KZN in South Africa on 26th December to exploring the southern beaches of Southern Mozambique (Santa Maria, Maputo(with friends), Tofu, Pomene, Morrongulu, Inhassoro), then cutting across inland to friends in Tete then onto Zambia on some pretty treacherous roads.

In Zambia the bush adventures began with 2 majestic relaxing weeks in South Luangwa.(blog post) Then onto special new friends opening their home to us in Lusaka and Mkushi, then to climbing billion year old granites rocks at Motinando and onto Kapishya hot springs in Northern Zambia. (see blog post)

From there our Tanzanian adventure began...

Our 1st stop being the glorious Lake Shore Lodge on Lake Tanganyika where we settled down to 12 days of tranquility and relaxing (see blog post). Then a massive dog-leg- back-track to stay with friends in their luxury Uber spoily lodge in Ruaha (See blog post) and discovering the absolute beauty of this reserve, to the surprisingly awesome Iringa town perched ontop of a mountain, to walking with endemic primates in Udzungwa Forest Reserve, to families opening their homes to us at Kilombero sugar Estate, to a 3rd grandfather to our kids (or he prefers uncle!!!) opening his home to us in Arusha. To breathtaking, remote, soul filing Enduiment and Ol Doinyo Lengai volcano, to Lake Manyara and back to Arusha "home".....

We are loving this “life in motion” we currently find ourselves in. The amazing people we have met, both from those who have opened their homes to us, to the friendly welcoming local people the whole way from Mozambique, Zambia to Tanzania. Whilst travelling you make connections with people one would not normally have the inclination to back home, or else even the opportunity to meet. It has been so wonderful meeting and hearing tales of people from all walks of life and hear their stories as well as their "insider tips".

My concern a while ago was "when would I feel like a traveller and not a tourist"...... well that time has come and what an awesome feeling it is!

Dev has an amazing grasp of languages and I often “hide behind his fluency”. And you can see people’s eyes open with joy when they see us obvious foreigners trying to speak their language. Sophia follows in her dads footsteps and sadly I think josh has his mums inability to get languages. (Ask my very special Afrikaans friends how dismal I am! - Sally Annie & Nettie!)

The other day a good friend sent Dev a jesting message and asked if we had killed each other yet ..... this comment made Dev and I laugh and left Joshua in a state of shock (taking it literally!!!!) I guess for some people what we are doing and having to be together 24/7 is NOT their choice. But for us we would never have embarked on this journey if any part of either of us felt this. If anything it has made our little family of 4 somehow closer, more a unit. We are not rushing and life becomes more real, more connective, more reflective.... Dev and my souls seem to be filled and uplifted by exploring new and beautiful places. We have such a sense of peace around us as individuals and as a couple. So for us as a couple this is like tonic for the soul and sharing these experiences with someone who relishes each moment as much as you .... well it is incredible! Our children are making us so proud with their obvious growth in their characters, their turn of phrase and choice of words and descriptions, their knowledge and desire to see and learn more. Their grasp of the places and areas we are visiting - Their ability to pin point our location on any map ..... it is awesome. Their wide eyes scanning the outside of the car windows. And how as time is going on the less they ask for their tablets and the more animated their games become. Sophia has taken to reading and is flying through her books. Their amazing games they play together. The laughter between the two of them!

They do miss their friends terribly. And sadly not many families are doing what we are doing this year so we don't often see other children at campsites..... but at any chance we can stay or visit people with kids, we are IN! Sophia, being older, seems to accept our situation and misses her friends but with less ferocity than Josh. And with time this too is becoming easier for him.

Yes of course there are moments when the constant noise and close proximity gets a bit much and one looses your temper. And when normal daily life tasks such a cleaning dishes, washing clothes and bedding (all by her majesty’s hands) and keeping “a home” grind on ones nerves. But we would not swop what we have now for anything.

So no, at no stage have we wanted to turn home and stop our travels. If anything the opposite has been true and I do NOT want to hurt anyone’s feelings back home by my next phrase so please no one (mum/dad/family and friends). We adore you all and we miss you so much. But we not ready to come home yet. X and we cannot thank YOU enough for the LOVE and support we feel everyday from your whatsapp calls and messages. We adore you.

So the start of our 4th month begins with us going into Ngorongoro and Serengeti - I cannot tell you how much my heart and soul has yearned for these places. After so many videos, books and documentaries these were 2 places that even though the cost makes one sick, we just HAVE to do it. We both agreed that we didn't have to see the migration of the wildebeest crossing the famous Mara river but rather we were MORE than happy to rather see then in teaming masses on wide open plains.......and apparently they are where we are going.... YIPPPEEEE YAY YAY :)

This journey has left me with such a sense of peace and enrichment and a knowledge of doing something that was essential for me and my family.

Thank you to each and everyone of you who takes the time to comment on our videos, blogs, photos and posts - you have no idea how much your comments mean to Dev and I and we so appreciate you ALL for following our journey. We hope in some way we can inspire you to follow your dreams however big of small they may be. The hardest part is actually making the decision to DO IT. Once you have decided the true fun begins! You will always find reasons not to do something but sometimes once you have made the decision those "reasons why not" become insignificant......

We feel your love and support every km that we drive! Thank you x

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