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Beach camping tips.....

We have learnt a few things about camping with kids and how to make our lives simple and less like a war zone :) Camping at the beach adds another dimension to camping ….

Here are some little “tips” on what we have found makes your life as a parent a little easier and keeps the tempers down both camping at the beach (and at other awesome destinations :))

1. Sand gets everywhere……. From in your clothes drawers, to in your tent, too sticking to your sweaty heat infused body…. I am sure, like many others, it sometimes gets a bit much. We don’t go anywhere without Baby Powder. Baby powder works miracles with getting sticky sand off one’s body and feet. Sprinkle some powder on your feet before going into your tent and voila no more sand (do it outside!!!!), when you come off the beach and want to put on a top or something but you feel sticky and sandy… powder. And also, after a shower when you are nice and clean, use it on your feet and the sand seems to steer clear.

2. Coconut oil – thanks to a friend of mine, Dan, who told me about this. Sophia’s hair always looks like a Rastafarian after a few days in the sea/pool – it literally is a ball of knots at the base of her neck. Now we lather her hair in coconut oil every 2-3 days and leave it. (no washing/conditioning, only combing) - No knots for days. And by day 3 or so it is literally washed off. Plus your hair looks amazing! Should you wish to wash it off, put shampoo onto your dry hair with a TINY bit of water…. Try lather as much as possible then shampoo off.

3. Wet Wipes – I think every camper knows the amazing benefits of these – to wash feet, clean hands… have them everywhere from in the car to in your tent/trailer.

4. Door mat – yes yes you are camping but seriously a door mat both outside the tent door and inside the tent door is a win and really helps with keeping the sand outside.

5. Shower After packing up – we learnt this from observing another couple at Vidal. … on your day of departure, save your shower for after packing up, as no matter what you get filthy and sweaty packing away your camping gear. You then feel clean on the journey home/further afield.

For more tips see our article in Go Magazine….

Sure there will be many more “tips” we can offer but for now these are them…..

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