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Being different adds spice to life....Blog #14

This statement becomes very apparent in certain situations between Devlin and myself (Katie). The “forging” of rivers with our car and trailer is one of these situations!!!!

Imagine a narrow gorge like crossing with a steep rocky access and exit points, rocks submerged in various points in the river and the river being about 15 - 20m wide but fast flowing.

Upon arrival at this river crossing in the Ruaha National park the below is a synopsis of what transpires in the 4ina4x4 front row seats .....

(This really does not show my character in rainbow colours but hopefully it will make u smile and maybe even resonate with some of you out there!!!)

Devlin the “camel man” views,in my eyes , every river crossing as a simple easy “let’s do it” task. I acknowledge his experience in this field is indeed much more than mine and I should really just sit back squeeze my eyes shut and allow the process to take place. But this is definitely NOT in my nature!!!!

The below are some of the thoughts that cross MY mind and some of which are vocally expressed to aforementioned guru 4x4 driver

  • “Did you not see the logs/stones across the road where the previous junction was???? Maybe it is warning that we should NOT cross this river when flowing....???”

  • Does he not care about his family (most unfair unjust statement but in this moment of mild-Katie-panic it does cross my mind!)

  • Visions of the hectic sticky mud we have already experienced in Ruaha come flashing back

  • The car tilting over and us being submerged.

  • Crocodiles for heavens sake, we are in the Africa!!!!

  • My children ......!!!!

  • Our clothes in the low lying trailer will be submerged and soaked (that is the Mum side in me!!)

  • There is nothing across the river to attach our winch to

  • Aaaagghhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!

Eventually after much deliberation, Devlin the amazing husband he is, and acknowledging my real fear (maybe unjust, but still real) goes out to “test the waters” and walks the entire way across the river and back, exactly where the wheels might go. Well this brings much laughter to the remaining safe Foggs on the dry river bank as Dev slips and slides and nearly topples over into the river!!! He returns and declares it safe to cross!

As predicted by Dev the car bumped and swayed, splashed and slipped, but safely got to the other side- everyone and everything nice and dry.

A HUGE sigh of relief was breathed from 3 of the 4ina4x4! (And maybe maybe just a tiny one from the driver!!!) And high fives were smashed out.

Acknowledging each other’s strengths is essential as at some stage we each need to rely on that strength. Another imperative learning on a year long trip is to not lose your sense of humour and to be able to laugh at your own sometimes completely and utterly irrational fears.

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