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Blog #27 - Be Continually AMAZED!

How is it possible that our world really has so many absolutely breath-taking places to visit? How is it that sometimes you have been in paradise only to then arrive at another form of paradise …….?

After recently posting our pictures of Pemba island which was absolutely insanely mind blowingly, breathtakingly amazing I felt a tug at my heart and wondered if it is fair to send out these pictures of our time in paradise….We have been blessed with one stunning place after the next.

It is hard to post these images with so many people back home under the strains of covid chaos - the daily stress of media shouting about the new cases, the seriously sick friends or worse still death of friends or family, the work environment being hugely effected, the closure of many businesses, the poverty, the “on-off school” and all the emotionally and physical hardships this brings to families. And then to just add to one’s emotional roller coaster, KZN , our home province in South Africa, has recently faced massive riots, looting and burning of shops and business’ and then forcing fathers, brothers and sons into self-protecting their villages and towns. This just adding further stress and panic to your already precarious emotional state. We think of you all back home and our heart break for all that you are having to endure and cope with. We are very grateful to be far away from this madness. I just hope that with our posts and pictures we can perhaps bring a little brightness to your lives. And perhaps let you dream of your next adventure. Or even plan & book the next weekend away (if lockdown allows!) or better yet, entice you to just explore locally …..

This world is beautiful, and beauty can be found in so many places which don’t have to be far away or expensive. When back in SA, our family (& friends) often used to pack a small cooler box and head up to a small koppie (hill), very close to the town we lived in and enjoy a sundowner whilst gazing out over plantations and the Drakensberg mountains in the distance. This was done midweek or weekend. And sometimes was even a flask of tea for a weekend sunrise. The joy it brought us, and our kids and the memories etched in our hearts of these happiest times with loved ones and friends. Such a small inexpensive thing but such enrichment it gives your life. Our kids still remember sundowners with friends on hilltops.

There is hope, there is adventure, you just have to grasp it and do it and not let a week slip by where you aren’t in nature and appreciating all the beauty we have been given for free.

It is even possible in massive cities. My one brother lives in KL Malaysia, a MASSIVE concrete city, and they have had the most brutal lockdown (for an outdoor family it has been immensely hard for them - and their energy packed 13 year old son!!!) But still, whenever lockdown allows, they go and explore the jungles right near KL- they ride their bikes, they hike or run. They get out and submerge themselves in nature and restore their souls.

Get outside and appreciate our beautiful world. This world and these crazy times NEED us to focus on getting positivity and restoring our strength. Pack a flask of coffee and head to the beach to watch the sunrise, put your shoes on and walk in your local park (then take those shoes off and run in the grass!), dust off your bike and go for a ride, find a hilltop, find a patch of grass, sit by a mass of water. Pack a picnic or don’t. Make it easy. Find nature. It is there and usually for free. And while you at it grab a loved one’s hand or friends smile and take it along too. Send us a pic too please!

This post was meant to be about us Fogg’s finding one paradise place after the next, and how we actually fully grasp and appreciate each new beautiful mind blowing place. …….But while writing this post I was somehow was pulled to write rather to you all “back home” and how essential and beneficial it is to


Love Katie x

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