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Blog #34 - The Horizon is coming closer..

Namibia - our last country before returning to SA…. And wow what a bundle of mixed feelings we have. There are days of tears that it is coming to an end, days of excitement to see family and friends and also days of dreaming about carrying on our life on the road……. My emotions right now are a complete jumble. I have days of questioning myself, questioning all we used to believe in, questioning all new options we never considered before….. I wrote a 2 page blog but it was SUCH an array of thoughts and feelings that I think I better save that for myself!!!! Plus I got a headache reading it so think you would too!!!

Homeward bound…. Wow I cannot believe that we have been on the road now for over 10 months….315 days!!! What an absolutely incredible journey this has been. For each of us on a personal level, for our marriage and for our family. The experiences we have had, the memories we have made, the enrichment to our lives, the laughter, the tears, the sunshine and the pouring east African rain. The mud and sand of each step we have taken has enriched our lives in a way we never expected. The joy this trip has brought to us. Words seem inadequate. Sometimes we look back on our videos and marvel at the things we have done. Sometimes it feels like an out of this world dream….…..

And now I sit here in Epupa falls in the very north of Namibia. The kids are playing happily in the pool, Dev is reading and I sit here on the deck overlooking these falls that we spoke about so many months ago.

Namibia ………. the roads are LONG (and straight) a 2 hour drive feels like a 4 hour trip, the Himba people, the Herero people, the new birds, the dry dusty barren areas, the scrub lands, the red mountains, the remote places we have only recently begun to explore and tomorrow really start to explore….. As you may have gathered, we LOVE way out-there places and I sense that North Western Namibia and the Kaokaland will be this for us. It is BOILING hot and I pray we have enough water and strength to get through the next 5-7 days of being seriously out there just us 4 in our 4x4……. Our happy place!

With all these emotions running through my head, I catch myself being more aware of appreciating each day, appreciating my kids, appreciating this dream of mine and Dev’s…. I know it’s because the end is in sight and my feeing are so mixed up about returning home. But I cannot spoil our last month and a half with fears about “being back home”.

……A new home, will be found - plus our trailer has been our home for a year so we always have that to fall back on!!!!) School and all it entails, we can cope with (I seriously pray we can as this is a big one for us). Not having a new adventure everyday (we will have to make one!)……. BUT the joy at being close to our amazing family and amazing friends again is making our return a lot easier….. I can’t wait for those hugs. A year is a LONG time x

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