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Idyllic Lakeshore Lodge - Blog 12

16th Feb – 26th Feb 2021

There is nothing quite like sitting on a veranda couch a mere step away from Lake Tanganyika and gazing across at the vast shadows of the Congo Mountains. It somehow calms deep into your soul and uplifts any wavering spirits.

I had to pinch myself a few times whilst at Lake Tanganyika. So often in our months of planning, as we poured over maps, the 3 vast lakes used to jumped out at us (Malawi, Tanganyika and Victoria)...And here we were sitting beside the longest lake in Africa and second deepest lake in the entire world. Wow!!!

As per my previous blog post Lakeshore lodge is owned by Chris and Louise Horsfall. This lodge proclaims at their front gate that “you will arrive as guests and leave as friends”. Never a truer word is spoken. This couple opened up their arms to our family and ensured that with our budget which had to last many months, we were still exposed to all the adventure The Lake had to offer. Their generosity and kindness and love was so special and we were so blessed by these two incredible human beings.

Below are a few highlights of our time at Lakeshore; -

  • Diving in the middle of the Lake off this tiny little rocky outcrop and being blown away by the magnitude of fish. (Mainly cichlids). Seeing an endemic cichlid that can only be found at those rocks and NO WHERE else in the entire Lake or world. How awesome is that ?? Drinking hot coffee on a rock in the middle of the Lake and watching the Dhow fishing boats return from Congo side. Their sails made up of stitched together mealie sacks!

  • Camping on an island in the middle of the lake. The peace and sense of adventure was amazing. And even though our current lives are “simple” this was next level back to basics. The kids adored this adventure, and we hope they will remember it for many years to come. I mean it is not everyday one gets to sleep all alone on a sandy cove island .....

  • On rainy days we could chill out and catch up in the lodges comfortable lounge.

  • Chris and Louise saw our kids love of their one gracious old dhow fishing boat and got it cleaned up and put cushions out and let the kids sleep there one night (even throwing in some suckers for them!) The kids were so excited about this prospect that their beds were prepared by 10am, barbies fishing gear, change of clothes, even their own little secret stash of sweets.....everything was ready. Oh and the delight when we told them they could watch movies until they fell asleep. It is amazing the little things that can bring kids so much joy!

  • Kayaking on the lake to nearby islands.

  • Visiting a nearby Mission ruin

  • Fresh fish everyday caught by the locals, coupled with freshly baked bread.....

  • Exploring the nearby village and selecting the limited spread of veggies

  • Sunset cruise on a very fancy motorized yacht

  • Endless hours of doing nothing but somehow being busy……think that is what true relaxation is!

I irritatingly got tick bite fever, but I guess I could not have asked for a better place to put my feet up a bit and wanted to fight it off without antibiotics to try build some sort of immunity. This has been a longer road than I first thought.

For us this was a time to just gather our thoughts and take a breath and stay in one place for a while. It restored our souls and re-energized us all. It really is a little piece of heaven right here on earth.

It was with very sad hearts that we left this absolutely incredible place and such special kind amazing hosts. We pray that somehow we can return here on our homeward leg, but if not then this sanctuary will remain in our hearts forever with incredible memories!

We had been invited to one of Devs friends lodge in Ruaha Game Reserve and this was one offer we could not pass up. With our re-energized bodies the 3 days back- track drive to get there was of no problem.

Ruaha is another place we had heard so much about and were so excited to experience ..... obviously we had initially planned it to be in a campsite not a 5 star luxury lodge which we got!

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