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Missed or not missed....

We have spoken quite a bit about the things we will probably miss when travelling and thus appreciating them even more now. We then also focus on those things we are NOT going to miss.....

5 Things I am going to MISS:

  1. Family & Friends - Wow this is a big one and I find myself with tears streaming down my face when I think of this. My family..... there will be a big gap in my heart not having my daily chats with my mum and bi-weekly catch ups with my dad, brothers & their families.... :( Praying that somehow they might come join us somewhere along the road. Our friends.... oh my word these people are our rocks and our source of encouragement, love and joy. We are seriously going to miss you and will have a sundowner or 2 for you all x please do come see us along the way....

  2. Our Dogs -Thankfully they have amazing homes for the year and will be loved and cared for. Their licks and wiggles of joy will be missed by all of us (even Dev!)

  3. My Washing machine - feels awful putting this under points 1 & 2, but honestly this is something I will seriously miss. I have a slight obsession with washing..... but maybe I will come back slightly chilled about this element!

  4. Our Couch - camp chairs are comfy but just not the same as a couch!

  5. Our bed - you can't just run and jump on a camping mattress - at my age you will break your back! 10cm high mattresses will just never be the same...

  6. Opps sorry 6, not 5...... En-Suit bathroom for middle of the night toilet calls - My midnight wee when trying to unzip a tent as silently as possible is not fun. Neither is when you have to wee in an ice-cream tub when lions are sleeping outside your tent! (currently find myself relishing my midnight wee in a toilet a mere 10 steps from my bed!)

What we are grateful to be leaving behind:

  1. Grocery Shopping - the bane of my life! Obviously we will still need to shop but the frequency will be less (but maybe more testing in its own way!)

  2. School madness - from packed lunches, to your day being split in half with different pick up times, to extra murals, to homework.... aaaaaghhh....

  3. Every Hour being Accounted for - we can't wait to slow down and our day to be unscheduled and to just "go with the flow"

  4. Technology - being out of comms .... can't wait!

  5. Daily Demands - life and living in "normal" is demanding and sometimes we loose focus on what is really NB in our lives. We look forward to being "off-the-grid-nomads" for a while. When your 10 year old child hugs you in the morning and says "mum I can't wait to spend ALL day with you everyday of next year "...... I then know we are doing the right thing. :)

I am sure that after a few months on the road I will have a whole list of things I haven't even contemplated..... and likewise the things I think I will miss I might not. Let's wait and see and I will keep you updated....

PS - this is MY list, sure Dev's will be very very different :)

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